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Pharm Sci Asia ; 40(2),

Nutrient and Mineral Content of Six Different Samples of Hydnocarpus anthelminthicus Cultivated in Thailand

S. Jongrungruangchok, T. Dechpokasup, S. Bunrathep, T. Songsak and N. Ruangwises*


Hydnocarpus anthelminthicus Pierre ex Laness, a medicinal plant in Flacourtiaceae (Salicaceae) family, is used traditionally as ingredient in Thai herbal medicine for treatment of leprosy and other types of dermatitis and tuberculosis. The objective of this study was to determine the proximate composition and mineral constituents in H. anthelminthicus pulps from 6 different agro-climatic regions distributed in Thailand. These pulps were found to contain 1.64-7.24 % of protein; 17.96-26.15 % of fat; 7.99-12.75 % of fiber; 16.90-32.91 % of moisture. The potassium, calcium, iron, sodium, magnesium, and chromium contents of H. anthelminthicus pulp in100 g of dry weight were found in the range of 423.95-721.67, 34.72-122.47, 0.91-5.23, 0.82-3.30, 47.79-86.58, and 0.19-1.67 mg, respectively. The contents of water-soluble vitamins: vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin B12 in H. anthelminthicus pulp were 0, 0.123-7.491 and 0-0.275 ?g/g of dry weight, respectively. For fat-soluble vitamins: the contents of vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E in H. anthelminthicus pulp were 0-0.029, 1.049-3.580 and 14.617-58.334 ?g/g of dry weight, respectively. The results of present analysis revealed that H. anthelminthicus pulps indigenous to different agro-climatic regions of Thailand contained an appreciable amount of nutrients and might be used as a good supplement for some nutrients such as minerals.


Hydnocarpus anthelminthicus, Krabao, Chaulmoogra, Proximate analysis, Mineral analysis, Vitamin analysis

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