Bachelor Degree (Doctor of Pharmacy) Thai Program

At present, pharmacy curriculum at the international level has globally transitioned from a 5-year curriculum to a 6-year curriculum. The main reason for this change is to adapt the curriculum to meet new challenges including the exponential growth of pharmaceutical knowledge and increasing demand for new sets of skill expected from a pharmacist by the ever-changing healthcare system. As a result, starting in the year 2009, the Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University has changed the previous 5-year curriculum to a new 6-year curriculum with a total credit of no less than 220 credits and total practice hours of no less than 2,000 hours in accordance with the proclamation by the Pharmacy Council of Thailand. The structure of the curriculum comprises of 2 segments. In the first segment, which is from 1st to 4th year, the curriculum provides basic knowledge and basic skills for general pharmacy practice. In the second segment, which is from 5th to 6th year, the curriculum is subdivided into two tracks including patient oriented and product oriented tracks. Students may choose to study in a track according to his or her interest. For the 6th year, students will gain hands-on experience in his/her track of interest through a year round internship. This is to ensure the development of practice skills of students.

Through this new curriculum, graduates will be well equipped with basic knowledge and skills along with advanced knowledge and experience in his/her area of interest. Graduates from both tracks may therefore become an instrumental force in the development of pharmacy profession and pharmaceutical science of Thailand.

“ Administering education that focuses on learners’ achievements by means of a learning-centered approach for self-development of knowledge, abilities, and new skills ”
Education Philosophy of Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University

Academic System

Academic system is credit system with two semesters in an academic year conformed to Mahidol University’s regulation for pre-bachelor and bachelor degree education. Students must be enrolled as full-time student in accordance with the 2005 National Standard Criteria for the undergraduate program set by the Ministry of Education.

Program Learning Outcomes

To provide pharmacy education both at the basic and professional levels which enable students to possess knowledge and ability for the conduct of pharmacy profession. Upon completing the program, graduates must have qualifications as followed:

  1. Apply knowledge in biochemistry, physiology, microbiology, chemistry, botany and phytochemistry, pharmacology, biological products to describe pharmaceutical phenomena related to drug therapy, drug development, drug preparation, and drug product selection.
  2. Develop, prepare, control and assure in drugs, herbals, food supplements, cosmetics, biological products and other health products according to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and other related regulations
  3. Provide pharmaceutical care and perform a role as a medication expert according to the pharmacy professional standard.
  4. Apply personal skills, communication skills with the appropriate manner for each specific purpose and situation.
  5. Professionally perform pharmacy tasks either as a leader or a follower, in the role of a drug expert for the multidisciplinary team.
  6. Perform pharmacy tasks to manufacture, control, assure, research and develop products in the industry scale. (For industrial pharmacy track).
  7. Provide disease-specific pharmaceutical care and pharmaceutical care in complicated patients. (For pharmaceutical care track).
  8. Use digital technology skills for practicing and developing work process in pharmacy.

Admission criteria

The applicants must hold high school diploma or equivalence and meet both general and specific requirements for the university admission system set by Commission on Higher Education and/or direct admission system of Mahidol University including any special admission program under the approval of the Mahidol University’s Senate. Applicants may choose to apply through 3 options below. 

I. Portfolio
Students who are interested in being a pharmacists with pharmacy-related portfolio and other criteria, can apply for this option. 

II. Quota admission
Students from the following provinces/school who passed the examinations administered by the Mahidol University and meet other requirements may be admitted into the program. 

  • Kanchanaburi, Nakorn Pathom , Ratchaburi and Suphanburi
  • Nakornsawan, Uthaithanee, Chaiyanat, Pijit, Kumpaengpetch, and Petchaboon
  • Amnartcharoen, Mookdaharn, Roi Ed and Yasothorn
  • Mahidol Wittayanusorn School
III. CTMS (Consortium of Thai Medical School)
The Faculty of Pharmacy also join the consortium of Thai medical school. Students who pass the criteria of CTMS will be accepted to the Faculty of Pharmacy. 

Application Process

Please note that a number of available positions for each option can vary from year to year, as a result, please contact the Faculty or the websites ( and to gain updated information for each academic year.

Location of Study

1st Academic Year :
Salaya Campus, Mahidol University

From 2nd Academic Year through the End of the Program:
Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University

For Internship :
Hospitals, public health offices, pharmaceutical plants, community drugstores, Food and Drug Administration & other facilities through networks of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University

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