Area of Research Excellence

Major areas of research excellence at the Faculty of Pharmacy are as follows:
1. Biopharmaceutical Sciences
Researches in biopharmaceutical sciences require an interdisciplinary approach, which integrated knowledge in biochemistry, microbiology, pharmacology and physiology. On-going research activities involve with bioassays to develop anti-microbial drugs, anti-cancer drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs and anti-aging drugs. Molecular mechanisms to understand those infectious diseases and non-communicable diseases are studied. In addition, biotechnology based products such as vaccines, enzymes, proteins and microbial products are also area of interest.

2. Clinical Pharmacy
Clinical pharmacy researches highlight the innovative development of drugs, pharmaceutical care, and the evaluation of drug usage in humans for the purpose of treatment, palliation and/or prevention of diseases/illnesses that are health problems at both national and international levels.

3. Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods
Researches in nutraceuticals and functional foods cover product developments, analyses of bioactive compounds, biological, and pharmacological activities of bioactive compounds, epidemiological, and clinical studies of nutraceuticals and functional foods. Other area of researches include influence of activities in marketing, sales, and advertising on nutraceuticals and functional foods, optimization of regulatory affairs concerning nutraceuticals and functional foods, etc.

4. Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Phytochemistry
Research interests in pharmaceutical chemistry include design and synthesis of medicinal compounds, drug analysis, drug stability, and drug metabolism. Structure-activity relationships and mode of action of novel compounds with pharmaceutical potential (e.g. as antiviral, antimicrobial anticancer, and CNS drugs) are also investigated. On-going research also includes the use of molecular modeling and computer-aided drug design in the rational design of new therapeutical agents and discovery of lead compounds from the medicinal plants. Researches in phytochemistry focuses on extraction, isolation and identification of the bioactive compounds from natural sources, especially from the medicinal plants and the in vitro plants cell culture. The biosynthesis and the development of herbal product are included. Researches also cover the quality assessment and the bioactivities of modern drugs, plant preparations and natural substances using advanced technologies.

5. Pharmaceutics
Researches in pharmaceutics focus on the sciences and technologies used to develop and understand the pharmaceutical dosage forms, which aim to improve quality, efficacy and safety of medicines. Area of researches cover formulation science, advanced drug delivery systems, biopharmaceutical products, pharmaceutical materials characterization and processing, manufacturing science and technology, pharmaceutical engineering, biopharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics, and pharmaceutical quality assurance.

6. Pharmacology and Biomolecular Science
The research activities in Pharmacology and Biomolecular Science are structural and functional studies of bioactive protein and peptides, application of engineering technology in biopharmaceutical sciences, stem cell biology, cancer cell biology, receptor pharmacology, cardiovascular pharmacology, neuropsychopharmacology, pain management and pain signaling pathway, receptor endocytosis and signaling pathway, role of COX in female reproductive system, female reproductive pharmacology, gastrointestinal pharmacology, pharmacological effects of herbal plants, drug-drug interaction, evidence-based pharmacotherapy, biochemical pharmacology, hepatotoxicity of drugs, antioxidant activities in natural products, binding of phytoestrogen to estrogen receptor, microbial genetics and biotechnology targeted therapy and immunomodulation, development of immunological diagnostic assays for food and health safety, antimicrobial resistant mechanisms, development of novel natural and synthetic antimicrobial compounds using antisense technology, molecular modeling of biomolecule in drug discovery, in silico simulations of biopolymer as drug delivery system and molecular virology.

7. Phytopharmaceutical Sciences
The multidisciplinary researches in phytopharmaceutical sciences deal with developments of herbal products from medicinal plants. Biological activity testing, clinical studies, the standardization of herbal products and the utilization of the sophisticated instruments are also covered.

8. Social, Economic and Administrative Pharmacy
Social, economic and administrative pharmacy program focuses on the study of drug and health system management covering the application of pharmacoeconomics, pharmacoepidemiology, pharmaceutical anthropology, social and behavioral sciences, pharmaceutical logistics, organization management and pharmacy human resource development. These are applied to all levels of public sectors from practical level in hospitals to central health management at the ministry of health and health insurance organizations. Experiences sharing among international students are also pivotal in the learning process. The programs are course-work with thesis for master degree; and course-work with thesis or only thesis for PhD. Applicants are anyone with health science background.


Impact Factor

Year 2012 2013 2014 2015
Total IF 112.425 136.178 142.95 112.605
No. of Publication 63 72 63 54
Avg. Impact Factor 1.785 1.891 2.269 2.085

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