Message from The Dean

Assoc.Prof. Suvatna Chulavatnatol, Ph.D.
Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University, Thailand.

Welcome to the Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University’s (MUPY) official website. Ranked at the top of faculties of pharmacy in the nation, we are deeply proud of our traditions and values that our staff and graduates have collectively passed on and cherished throughout our long history. Since our inception half a century ago, numerous contribution from our staff and graduates play important parts in the advancement of the nation’s healthcare system, pharmacy education, pharmacy profession, people’s well being, and scientific community. This is a trend that we continue to hold strongly in our hearts and minds as the true value of our organization.

One of our strengths is the diversity of our educational and research programs. With highly qualified staffs in various areas, our faculty offers numerous academic and research opportunities to prospective students both at the undergraduate and graduate levels that are second to none in the nation. For the undergraduate program, our graduates consistently enjoy almost 100% employment rate. Graduates from MUPY are always ranked at the top of employer’s demand. Currently, we are in the transition period from a 5-year curriculum to 6-year curriculum to meet the changing needs for pharmacists in the healthcare system.

For our graduate programs, we enjoyed not only high number of highly qualified local applicants but also increasing number of international students from various parts of Asia. Strength of our graduate programs is clearly visible with numerous research publications/ presentation in many respectable scientific journals. In 2007, based on the Commission of Higher Education, Ministry of Education’s evaluation, MUPY ranked 1st for research among faculties of pharmacy in the nation.

In addition, we cherish and enjoy our close academic & research collaboration both at the local and international levels. Through these collaborations, students and faculty members alike are provided with excellent opportunity to broaden their knowledge and expertise in the area of their interests. Educational experience at our faculty is therefore a priceless opportunity for anyone who becomes a part of MUPY’s legacy.

Whether you are interested in a career as a pharmacist or a pharmaceutical scientist; whether you are exploring opportunities for academic or research collaboration with our faculty, on behalf of all MUPY people who make this faculty an enduring legacy, I warmly and sincerely welcome your interest in MUPY. Please browse through our website and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Assoc.Prof. Suvatna Chulavatnatol, Ph.D.

Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University


Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University.

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