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Thai Traditional Medicine Theory in Relation to Seasons Part 3

Omboon Vallisuta (Assoc. Prof.)
Department of Pharmacognosy
Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand
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Basic herbal formulations for ritu related dysfunction of Mahabhutarupa
As stated earlier that the numbering of months in a year for TTM is different from the calendar months i.e. December is considered as the first month and November is considered as the last month of the year. The beginning of seasons also depend on the moon position i.e. the wax and the waning moon. In general the summer months cause aggravation of body functions, the rainy months cause reduced activity of the body functions and the winter months cause malfunction. The months which involve techo dhatu are April, August and December, those involve vayo dhatu are June, October and February, apo months are July, November and March and pathavi months are May, September and January. The basic herbal formulas for each month are the combination of herbs in Benjakul Pigad or the group of herbs called benjakul which restore the normal function of the 12 Mahabhutarupa (Figure 1) the monthly herbal formula are shown in Figure 2-5. It is clearly seen that the combinations nourish all dhatus with emphasis on the most affected dhatu. Air is also recognized as important factor. These herbal combinations can be used as monthly healthfood to provide stamina for Thai people during seasonal changes.


figure 1


figure 2


figure 3


figure 4


figure 5


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