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The Department of Pharmacognosy is involved in all aspects of teaching and research and development concerning medicinal plants and their products. Formal courses are offered at all levels of tertiary education, i.e. B.Sc.(Pharm.), M.Sc. and Ph.D. In addition to providing formal full-time education, the Department also organizes short-term training courses, symposia and meetings on relevant topics on medicinal plants and their usage.

In view of the recent trends forwards all things natural, the Department has endeavoured to provide services to the private sector on all aspects of products development and quality control/quality assurance of raw materials as well as finished products containing plant extracts. The development of suitable extraction/isolation and QA methods for plant products used in the pharmaceutical, supplementary diet and cosmetic industries is also on the offer.

The Department has seven full-time academic staff members who are engaged in various aspects of medicinal plant research ranging from anti-HIV to anti-diarrheal constituents. At present the Department has over 30 postgraduate students and 10 research assistants.

Telephone : +66 026448677-91 Ext. 5530,5531   Fax:

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