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MUPY Dean Joined International Meeting in Hanoi

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Since September 19, 2022  
On September 19, 2022, MUPY’s Dean, Assoc. Prof. Surakit Nathisuwan visited Vietnam’s Hanoi University of Pharmacy (HUP) to attend an international meeting entitled “Pharmacy Practice Training and Clinical Pharmacy Education” hosted by HUP in Hanoi, Vietnam. The meeting was attended by the administrators and scholars from three pharmacy schools including (1) Hanoi University of Pharmacy, (2) Mahidol University’s Faculty of Pharmacy, and (3) University of Illinois Chicago’s College of Pharmacy. The scientific programs consisted of the presentations focusing on pharmacy education of USA, Thailand, and Vietnam delivered by the representatives of three universities. This meeting aimed to promote knowledge and experience sharing concerning pharmacy education system and professional practice management among the international participants in order to strengthen Vietnam’s pharmacy education system.

Furthermore, this meeting provided an opportunity for the administrators from three pharmacy schools to discuss international collaboration in the future. Also joined this collaborative session included (1) Prof. Dr. Nguyen Hai Nam, HUP’s Rector, (2) Prof. Dr. Alan Lau, the Director of International Clinical Pharmacy Education, and (3) Assoc. Prof. Surakit Nathisuwan, the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University. This meeting aimed to strengthen a relationship among three universities, build a sustainable partnership, and increase an academic excellence together through academic collaboration and exchange the near future.

Furthermore, this meeting responded to the SDG’s Goal 4th: Reduce inequality within and among countries, Goal 10: Reduce inequality within and among countries, and Goal 17th: Partnership for the Goals to strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.

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