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Pharm Sci Asia ; 30(3),

Characteristics of Adverse Drug Reactions and Patients at Risk in Medical Wards, Ramathibodi Hospital

Chalermsri Pummangura, Pramote Tragulpiankit, Sming Kaojaroen, Winai Wananukul, Preecha Montakantikul, David K Luscombe and Natha Pomyen


Adverse drug reactions (jADRs) is one of drug therapy problems and also the leading cause of admission to hospital. Aproximately 1.9 to 37% of in-patients experienced ADRs during hospitalisation. However 10-80% ADRs are predictable and should be preventable. Therefore, the characteristics of ADRs and patients at risk ought to be studied in order to prevent those drug therapy problems and also increase benefit of drug therapy, improve outcome of the patients. The study was a prospective observation. All patients admitted in male and female medical ward 1 at Ramathibodi Hospital were recruited during December 7, 2002 to June 6, 2002. Nine hundred and twenty eight patients were monitored. One hundred and sixty five ADRs from 121 patients (70 females and 51 males) were identified whose mean age was 46.11 ± 18.61 years. The incidence rate was 13.0% and ADR rate was 17.8%. Thirty eight ADR out of 113 ADR (33.6%) was classified as preventable based on Schumock and Thornton Criteria. General systemic anti-infective drug was mainly drug caused ADR (47.3%). System affected (WHO system) were metabolic and nutritional disorders, urinary system disorders; and platelets, bleeding and clotting disorders which were 16.4%, 21.0% and 21.0% respectively. The significant differences between patient with ADR and without ADR were age, length of stay, cancer, liver disease, alcohol consuming and positive history of drug allergy (p0.05). However the significant difference between preventable ADR and non-preventable ADR was only in cancer patients (p0.05). © All rights reserved.


Adverse Drug Reactions , Medical Wards,Ramathibodi ,nutritional disorders,urinary system ,bleeding,clotting

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