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Pharm Sci Asia ; 30(2),

Self-Assembling Polyelectrolyte Nanostructures Formulated for Therapeutic Gene Delivery

Erhan Süleymanoğlu,


Human gene therapy research is currently discouraging due to the lack of suitable delivery vehicles for nucleic acid transfer to affected cell types. There is an urgent need for optimized gene delivery tools capable of protecting to polynucleotide from degradation through its route form site of administration to gene expression. Currently employed approach uses positively charged lipid species and a helper zwitterionic lipid, the latter being applied for the stabilization of the complex. However, besides difficulties arising during their preparation, cationic lipids are cytotoxic. Present word describes some physicochemical issues pertinent to preparation and use of self-assemblies formed between neutral lipid and polynucleotides with various conformation and size in the presence of divalent metal cations, as alternatives to toxic lipoplexes. Although the pharmacodynamical features of the zwitterionic lipid-metal ion-DNA nanocondensates remain to be tested in further transfection experiments, at least from physicochemical viewpoint, their stability parameters are encouraging to consider them as a promissing metal-based nucleic acid pharmaceuticals. © All right reserved


Polyelectrolyte,Nanostructures ,Therapeutic Gene Delivery ,gene therapy ,nucleic acid ,DNA

September-December 2003

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May-August 2003

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January-April 2003

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