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NUMBER OF ISSUES CHANGE!! Due to the overwhelming online submission in 2020, the Pharmaceutical Sciences Asia journal will increase number of issues per year. (From 4 issues to 6 issues per year) The change will be effective from January 2021.

  Current Issue   : Volume 48 Number 3 - May - June 2021

Vol. 48
May - June 2021

  Articles in Press  

  • Phytochemical content and biological activity of the genus Cycas, family Cycadaceae: A review

    Elham Amin*, Naglaa Afifi, Abeer Moawad, Marwa Hassan, Ahlam Elwakeel, Dalia AlAmir
    DOI: 10.29090/psa.2021.04.20.174
  • Health seeking behavior and experiences related to HIV treatment of people living with HIV(PLHIV)in Yangon, Myanmar

    Hsu Nwe Yee Aung, Arthorn Riewpaiboon, Montaya Sunantiwat, San Hone, Montarat Thavorncharoensap*
    DOI: 10.29090/psa.2021.04.20.057
  • Knowledge, attitude and practice of traditional medicine-related adverse drug reaction (ADR) reporting among hospital pharmacists and traditional medicine practitioners in Thailand

    Wiwan Worakunphanich, Fonthip Thongsombutpanitch, Sonthiporn Nilsonthi, Sitaporn Youngkong, Montarat Thavorncharoensap*
    DOI: 10.29090/psa.2021.04.20.059
  • Co-administration of hydroalcoholic Viola odorata’s extract and streptozotocin on histopathological and biochemical changes in rat kidney

    Rouhollah Gazor, Atieh Ashouri, Monireh Aghajani-nasab, Fatemeh Yousefbeyk, Fahimeh Mohammadghasemi*
    DOI: 10.29090/psa.2021.04.20.061
  • Effect of didactic educational intervention on improving public knowledge of antibiotics use and resistance in Yogyakarta

    Susi Ari Kristina*, Nada Nisrina Salsabila, Yulianto Yulianto, Gerhard Fortwengel
    DOI: 10.29090/psa.2021.04.20.075
  • Determination of pesticide residues in cannabis, cannabis extract and cannabis oil by gas chromatography tandem mass spectrometry technique

    Weerawut Wittayanan*, Thoranit Chaimongkol
    DOI: 10.29090/psa.2021.04.20.107
  • Performance of the GRACE 2.0 and EPICOR risk scores for predicting 1-year postdischarge mortality in Vietnamese patients with acute coronary syndrome

    Thang Nguyen*, Phuong TB Vo, Hieu TM Huynh, Ca HM Tran, Mai T Vi, Thu TA Truong, Thao H Nguyen, Katja Taxis
    DOI: 10.29090/psa.2021.04.20.039
  • Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Low Dose 300 mg Once Daily of Oral Linezolid for Coverage of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

    Sutep Jaruratanasirikul*, Jetsada Piwluang, Somchai Sriwiriyajan, Monchana Nawakitrangsan, Maseetoh Samaeng, Nuntiya Theerapakanunt
    DOI: 10.29090/psa.2021.04.20.069
  • Medication use evaluation for Clostridium difficile infection: a case of super tertiary care hospital in northeastern Thailand

    Cheardchai Soontornpas, Piroon Mootsikapun, Ratchadaporn Soontornpas*
    DOI: 10.29090/psa.2021.04.20.106
  • Anti-urolithic, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of various extracts from Musa balbisiana Colla fruits

    Hai Trieu Ly, Van Minh Le, Minh Thu Nguyen, Thanh Huyen Pham, Hoang Dung Nguyen, Minh Khoi Nguyen*
    DOI: 10.29090/psa.2021.04.20.109

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